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Alumni FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DAI Global Alumni Network?  

The DAI Global Alumni Network seeks to promote friendship, collaboration, and exchange of knowledge among DAI alumni across the globe, thereby supporting member careers, businesses, and local development.  

Who is eligible to join DAI Alumni Network? 

 Current and former DAI Global staff or employees of any DAI predecessor firm—including HTSPE, Health Partners International, GRID Consulting, and Human Dynamics—are eligible to participate in the DAI Alumni Network.
I’ve only worked for DAI on a project. Am I eligible? 

 Yes. All current and former project employees and consultants in good standing are eligible to join.

What are the benefits of membership in The DAI Alumni Global Network?  

Membership gives you access to DAI alumni in 150 countries through our online platform, a hub that bring members together to learn from each other and stay in touch. Members will be able to:  

  • Access the knowledge of current and former DAI colleagues across the globe to solve business challenges.  
  • Network with DAI and other alumni to accomplish your career goals.  
  • Participate in local and global, social and technical, activities organized by DAI or alumni members.  
  • Reach out to DAI business units for commercial consulting and investment services.  
  • Raise your visibility with DAI as a potential partner on development programs.  
  • Keep up with DAI news and events and stay connected to our company and people.  


How do I join the DAI Alumni Network and access the portal? 

It’s easy! Access the DAI Alumni Global Network portal at https://alumni.dai.com/ to register. Once we verify your information, you’ll be an official member of the AlumnNetwork. We expect to launch the platform this fall. We can’t wait to have you on board.